An award-winning architectural outsourcing solutions studio based in Bangladesh.

We are your architectural visionaries, specializing in 3D visualization, BIM services and meticulous documentation. With a global reach from our base in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we merge artistry with cutting-edge technology to bring your architectural dreams to life. Our experienced team is dedicated to transforming concepts into immersive realities, ensuring every detail is meticulously captured and executed. Join us in creating exceptional spaces that inspire, where innovation and quality converge to redefine possibilities in architecture and design.

Architectural Visualization Works​


Our Core Competencies



Elevate architectural designs with captivating 3D visualizations, adding clarity and impact to your projects.


BIM Services

Harness the power of BIM to streamline construction processes and enhance project efficiency, turning complex data into actionable insights for smarter building solutions.

Architectural Documentation

Our meticulous documentation services ensure that every architectural detail is accurately recorded, facilitating seamless construction and compliance processes.


Your questions answered

Common Questions

Our delivery timelines are customized and depend on a thorough evaluation of your project’s unique requirements, ensuring that each case receives the dedicated attention it deserves.

We tailor our pricing to your specific project needs, conducting a comprehensive evaluation to provide accurate and competitive cost estimates on a case-by-case basis.

We offer a range of convenient communication channels, including Slack, WhatsApp, email, and more, ensuring seamless and accessible dialogue throughout our collaboration.

We prioritize and rigorously uphold confidentiality to safeguard your project’s sensitive information, building trust through our unwavering commitment to privacy and security.


Technologies We Use

We employ state-of-the-art software tools to enhance precision and creativity in delivering our architectural solutions.

BIM & Documentation

Leveraging the power of Revit and AutoCAD, we ensure precision and efficiency in our BIM and architectural documentation services, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

3D Modeling

With expertise in 3DS Max, SketchUp, and Rhinoceros 3D, we craft intricate 3D models that transform your concepts into captivating visualizations, setting a new standard for architectural excellence.

Rendering & Post-Processing

Harnessing the capabilities of 3DS Max, D5 Render, Twinmotion, and Photoshop, we breathe life into your projects with awe-inspiring visualizations and meticulous image post-processing, ensuring your designs stand out with unparalleled brilliance.


With Unreal Engine, we create immersive AR and VR experiences that transport users into the heart of your architectural designs, redefining the way people engage with spaces.

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