There is no denying that success in organizing things neatly is very rewarding. The Raipur Sideboard is a sophisticated solution to that. Suitable for almost any space, it features three wide set cabinets, each divided into two rows. So you have enough space to store all your valuables, keeping them safe and dust-free. The wide set top is perfect to show off your favorite pieces.

The Raipur Sideboard is a mid-century modern sideboard, elegant wooden addition to any living space. Store dinnerware in its three cabinets while displaying your favorites (or a flat-screen TV) on its well-proportioned top.

The sideboard can be customized to your preference by selecting from a wide array of wooden finishes. The shelves inside are adjustable according to your needs. Made of wood veneer boards that are treated to withstand dampness, rest assured your sideboard will stay with you for long with minimal wear down. Different choices in shades are available for the varnish finish of the wood.