The living room is where we decompress, and spend time with people who matter, often after a long day. The Naria Sectional is the perfect comfort couch to sink into at the end of the day with room for the whole family.

The Naria Sofas can be customized using various types of fabrics, prints, and finishes. We ensure the best materials go into producing furniture that is cherished for many years to come. The Naria cushions are reversible, which means it stays looking new longer, with even wear over time.

The frame is built of solid wood seasoned to resist damp and termite. It is then layered with multiple variations of foam that is wrapped with superior fabric to give create a sophisticated piece for any living room. The legs come in different finishes of wood and metal, catering to your choice and the aesthetic of your space.

The Naria Sectional is an L shaped lounge sofa, custom made to suit your comfort and the room’s ambiance. The foam used inside is of premium quality which is soft yet firm to provide just the right support.

The deep seats ooze modern comfort in both look and feel. Keeping in mind that a sofa isn’t just where we sit, rather it’s where we live when at home, the balance between the firmness and softness is maintained and is quintessential in ensuring proper posture and comfort.