About Us

CREO, founded in 2018, is rooted in the idea of modern aesthetics and local customization. Born from a love of architecture, we are design-led and inspired by functionality. We strive for an honesty of expression and in the utility of the objects that surround us.

Homegrown, yet driven by a love of simplicity and minimalism, our designs are fully developed and Made in Bangladesh, making each piece affordable and accessible to the local market. Manufactured with the highest attention to detail, we strive to provide ultimate craftsmanship using only quality materials and finishing.

This, combined with a seamless and efficient customization and ordering experience, each piece is tailored specifically to the customers needs.

Design Led

We design through a process of interaction and understanding with the customers to develop relevant products for everyday life.


Our commitment will always be to our customers and their experience. Each piece is designed to further the endeavor to make a house into a home.


Being Made in Bangladesh, CREO brings home traditional craftsmanship and good contemporary design to the local customer at affordable costs.


Our collection is manufactured with the highest attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. We constantly strive for the best standards to provide the customer with a product we can be proud of.


Without compromising on quality, we make each piece custom to the customers requirements. By streamlining our processes, from factory to your home, we are able to offer our products at accessible prices.


By championing no-hassle purchase process, speedy deliveries and easy to assemble furniture, CREO makes it easy to discover, acquire and live with great design.